Adriana Trujillo + José Inerzia

Video installation.
Stage: In distribution.
Country: Mexico.
Año: 2014.

The Arcades Media Project is a video-installation about the city in an impersonation and transformation context of the spaces that make up the arcades of Downtown Tijuana nowadays. We reconsider the concept of arcade as an intestine, as the insides of a city in a moment of emergency and renovation.

The Arcades Media Project makes reference to the so-called, Walter Benjamin's greatest work: The Arcade Project, or the Arcade Book, in this unfinished Project written between the years 1927 and 1940, the epistemological bet of Benjamin will be gathered, who intended to reflect on this work, the urban transformations of Paris in the 19th century. The proposal would be made up by a corpus of inter-connected material from quotes and notes, but also by clippings, pictures and engravings, it would be an interactive and iconographic proposal, an evolution of writing in a multidimensional proposal, and at the same time a critical reflection on the sense of the stroller or flaneur, who would find anything he needed at the passajes; the simulation of a city within another city.

In The Arcades Media Project we invite the stroller to walk through a piece and participate in it with his corporeality and experience in a temporal dimension by integrating his perception of the city. The multi layered projection reacts to the flow of visitors in the space creating a fragmented dialogue, but proportional to the amount of people in the hall, generating layers of memory on the arcades and the participants of the transformation.