Direction: Adriana Trujillo.
Production: José Inerzia.
Guest artist: Lux Boreal.
Curators: Bill Kelley Jr. y Lucía Sanromán.
Year: 2009

Body and Dialogue is an informal investigation and an excuse to address reflections on the body in the city of Tijuana that is created as a result of Proyecto Cívico: Diálogos e interrogantes (PCDI). Outlined with the intent of rethinking the museum's public programming, it involves both the specialized and general audience with new and more significant means of exchange and communication. The Proyecto Cívico exhibition is an investigation on the state of political, social and civic exceptions that scandalously govern everyday life in Tijuana, but whose symptoms are constantly observable in all contemporary nations. Body and Dialogue is one of the seven projects that consituted the public programming of PCDI.

Body and Dialogue is created in order to think, through the body, about the city we perform. It arises (just as the rest of the public presentations of PCDI) with the idea of dialogue and reflection about the political, social and civic crisis that the city is currently under, by linking the works of artists with citizen involvement. Project carried out in collaboration with the Lux Boreal dance company.